What is the New and Everlasting Covenant?

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What is the New and Everlasting Covenant? Normally blood covenants do not have a specific expiration date. However, their duration does depend upon what the makers of the covenants do. Because humans are fallible, vulnerable, and temporal, their covenant agreements are subject to change. We intend for some to last until death they do part. Unfortunately, some of those do not last that long.  There are times the makers break their covenant promises. There are remedies that can restore trust and allow the covenant to remain viable, but not permanent.

Generational Covenants

Some blood covenants are intended to continue beyond the death of their makers. We can describe these as generational covenants. Their terms and conditions inure to the benefit of future generations. However, these also are not everlasting. The Hebrew children receive an invite to Egypt and thrive there with the blessings of the then-ruling Pharaoh. Yet over time, their success becomes a perceived threat to a future Pharaoh who dishonors the past promises and puts them into slavery.   

It is good that some generational covenants are not everlasting. The original makers can choose to replace an older covenant with a newer one that offers far better and mutually beneficial benefits. This is what brought about the New Covenant that the New Testament speaks of.

A New Covenant

This New Covenant replaces the Mosaic Covenant. The prior covenant offers the blessings of God to the children of Abraham under the terms they request of Him.  Exodus 19:8: And all the people answered together, saying, “All that the Lord hath spoken we will do.” God knows they cannot do what they say, and puts in place a remedy for their transgressions. The periodic sacrifice of animals only provides temporary coverings for their sins.

As we see in my previous blog posts, The New Covenant is new not only because it came after the prior one. It is new because the terms radically change. Instead of the blood of ritual sacrifice animals, God sends His son Jesus to ratify this new blood covenant agreement with His own blood. Because this sacrifice is perfect, it need not be repeated.

Now the basis of right relationship is upon what Jesus’ atoning blood, not on what mankind can do. Once and for all, Jesus atones for their sins and restores the relationship Adam and Eve lost. Now we can be sons and daughters of Father God regardless of our physical birthright or heritage. Father God adopts un into His family. The terms and benefits of the New Covenant are available to all who choose to accept it.  

An Everlasting Covenant

Now, just as important as the terms of the New Covenant, is the fact that it is not just generational, it is uniquely everlasting. As with all blood covenants, the makers of the blood covenant must agree to its terms, and adhere to their promises, for it to continue to remain in force. If either breaks covenant, the covenant breaks. That means there could come a time when it would cease to exist. If humans are a party to this agreement and are fallible, vulnerable, and temporal, how can it be everlasting?

The answer is as awesome as it’s Creator. Like all covenants there are two makers of this covenant. Its terms and conditions cover them and cover all who are born into their households. My children do not have to do anything to inherit what I make available to them in my last will and testament. It is their birthright.

Father God who is God, and Jesus who is uniquely God and Man, are the Covenant Heads. Jesus is all God and all man. He is able to make this agreement on the behalf of all mankind who accept Him as their Covenant Lord.

I cannot overstress this point. The New and Everlasting Covenant does not depend on our trustworthiness and sinless perfection to remain in place. It is God the Father, and God the Son, who must never ever break their covenant promises. These two are one, and will never break their covenant promises.  The Bible tells us all of the universes are held intact by the surety of the Word of God. Having no greater to swear by, He swore by Himself. Because the covenant makers are infallible, invulnerable, and eternal, ours is a New and Everlasting Covenant.  

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