What is Righteousness Consciousness?

Feb 7, 2022Mystery of the Blood Covenants0 comments

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The Antidote to Sin Consciousness

Awareness of the New Covenant relationship makes us righteous. It is the antidote. Being aware of our righteousness can keep us from continuing to be weighed down by sin and sin consciousness. Being aware of our blood-covenant relationship with God is the solution. It is the only way to have perfect righteousness that is not an imperfect byproduct, of our imperfect works.

In my previous log I explain how sin consciousness is like putting a cast on a broken leg. It is helpful when we are broken. Being made aware of our sin motivates us to accept Jesus as Lord. The Bible says Jesus does more than just repair us, we become new creatures. But, if we keep focusing on sin He already forgives it erodes our confidence in our redemption. Inevitably it will weight on us. Venkat Saradhi shares a video about how stress is like a glass of water. Anyone can hold it in their hand for a short time. The longer we hold it, the heavier it becomes. Few could ever hold one up for a full day. We can say the same is true here. We should see holding the weight of sin in our thought life is a burden we ought not to bear.

What we can accomplish if …

Just think about what we can accomplish if we focus our conscious life on already having this right standing with God. Lets focus on what Jesus gives to us, instead of the indebtedness to sin that Jesus removes from us.

OK, but how? We choose to make the consciousness of our righteousness be the constant in our thought life. By faith, we say what the Bible says about us being new creatures. Knowing and trusting God as our Covenant Father empowers us to believe and live conscious of our righteousness.

A source greater than ourselves

It is the will of God for us to live the Blood Covenant faith, grace, and favor kind of life. This is why enjoying covenant grace, faith, and favor is the subtitle of my book, The Mystery of the Blood Covenants. Affirmations can be made in human self-help programs. But, if all they do is get us to draw on our own inner strength, this will be limiting our results. We falter if we turn our eyes on ourselves as our source. Instead, we can be affirming what the Bible says about us. Let the Holy Spirit be our personal trainer, and let the Bible be our manual. When we do this, we will be speaking life into ourselves from a source greater than ourselves.

Here I include an example of things that the Bible says are our inheritance in Christ. As we confess what is ours, we will have what we say.

This is the Covenant Faith, Grace, and Favor kind of life:

“Walking in His grace, I am more conscious of the righteousness Jesus provides than of the sin His grace eradicates. I now have His righteousness, peace, joy, love, praise, glory, and grace. Unworthiness and condemnation no longer hound me. Love now prompts me and grace now empowers me to do the will of God. I gladly do what Jesus asks and equips me to do for Him. I am extending the borders of His Kingdom. The result is to unleash God’s Great blessings of covenant grace, faith, and favor into my life. I am happy, enviably fortunate, and spiritually prosperous – possessing the happiness that experiencing of God’s favor produces, and especially in the light of the revelation of His grace.”


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