Our Covenant with Jesus was never intended to remain a secret

Nov 9, 2021Mystery of the Blood Covenants0 comments

[Excerpt from The Mystery of the Blood Covenants]

Not perceiving the mystery of the Blood Covenant is irrefutably what caused most of those who had been following Jesus, and actually heard the words of Jesus, to reject Him! One of the most important things Jesus said to His Hebrew Covenant kinsmen nearing the end of His public ministry was:

And Jesus said to them, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, you cannot have any life in you unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood.”

Jesus was speaking to those who ironically prided themselves on being well-informed covenant heirs, descendants by birth of Abraham. They were marked in their flesh with the covenant sign of circumcision. Yet, the Jews did not understand this passage that can only be understood in light of the covenant-making significance of the terms Jesus used. Without that understanding, the hearers, who steadfastly held to the Covenant Law of not drinking the blood of animals, presumed Him to be advocating cannibalism and began to fall away in droves.

If their hearts had been open to discern instead of hardened to spurn, they could have been among the first to perceive and receive the Covenant-based Promises of forgiveness, righteousness, peace, joy, love, healing, and restoration. The good news for them, the Apostle Paul later explained, is that one day Abraham’s descendants by natural birth will see and accept Jesus as their Covenant Lord and King.[2] 

What is wonderful is that it is possible for their loss to be our gain. But here is the rub, and that is the reason I believe Father God laid it upon my heart to write this book. One can read the New Testament accounts of what Jesus said and did, just as His first audience, without really understanding its message that is purposely hidden in plain sight. A read through the Bible cover to cover, void of covenant understanding, can leave you even more clueless than Jesus’ unhearing hearers. 

I am absolutely confident that if you read this book with an open heart and mind, your next read through any book of the Bible will be a mind-blowing experience. Passages will open to you as quickly as a flower going from bud to full bloom when filmed in elapsed time. The Holy Spirit will be able to reveal truths that you did not even know could be known and you can be set free in ways you did not think it possible to be set free. This is my hope, prayer, and confident expectation for you.


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