Is Marriage really a blood covenant?

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Some people may not like the answer. Many do not understand what it really means to be in a blood covenant. The simple answer is an emphatical yes. Marriage really is a blood covenant agreement. Many think the implication is that this will make the wife a slave to the husband. Nothing is further from the truth.

Blood covenants enhance life and by design benefit both makers

Properly implemented and kept, blood covenants must always protect and benefit both parties. Blood covenant agreements obligate two covenant heads to make and honor blood oaths. These are mutually beneficial and mutually agreed terms. They benefit both the makers and their heirs for life.

Why is marriage a blood covenant?

The better question is not if, but why. Why must a properly working marriage be based upon making a blood covenant agreement? Marriage is intended to last a lifetime, and beyond. For thousands of years, two families would play a big part in arranging a marriage for their children. This was true in small villages and all the way up to heads of state. The power of the countries was often vested literally in the bloodline of their rulers. Mixing the blood of the two families through the progeny of the marriage made a way for the two families to become one alliance.

Even if the couple getting married will only be ruling their own household, a marriage affects the couple and their families for life. A Mother-in-Law and a Father-in-Law get their new titles by reason of law—marriage covenant law. Children not physically born to them are now becoming their own children. Most often the union leads also to future generations of children. The flesh’s encoded attributes, DNA, of mother and father and their parents, and theirs, are found in future generations. 

Blood oaths are exchanged in front of witnesses

A wedding ceremony is performed before witnesses; friends, and the family of the bride and groom. After all, these friends and family will also be affected by the union. This is a life-changing event, for better or for worse. In this ceremony, the marring couple will first stand before these witnesses. They are making and exchanging solemn blood covenant Oaths of Wedding. The definition of the word wedding is to bind by close or lasting ties, attach firmly together.

The covenant is consummated before they leave the church.

During the wedding ceremony, there should be a single cup of wine from which both will drink. There would also be a cake or cakes of bread made for the occasion. The cake will be cut, and the two new partners in life will eat from the same piece of cake. Later, all the attendees will eat the cake. The elements of this ceremonial meal are based upon blood covenant ceremonies. The cake of bread and the wine represents the body and the blood of the partakers. In this union, we are both pledging our lives, our blood, to one another.  Both make vows, share body and blood, becoming one even before they share the intimacy of the marriage bed.  

Watering down dilutes the strength but does change the need

A deeper study would show even more parallels between our traditional marriage and blood covenant ceremonies. Today those getting married may skip tradition and not even realize they are covenanting. More thought and money is often invested in the size of the cake and the bar bill than in why these elements are even present.

Marriage is an exchange of vows intended to last for a lifetime. The fact that it does not always work out that way speaks to the calamity that comes from not honoring those vows. The husband and wife both pledge their lives to one another, not just the wife to the husband. Both are to love, honor, and obey. The New Testament reminds men they are to love their wives as Jesus loves His bride, us.

A union of three

Blood covenant separates the sacred vows of marriage from an agreement merely of convenience or financial benefit. Recognizing and honoring the blood covenant of marriage brings a much better chance of it weathering the storms of life. There is another secret to not only enduring but enjoying a long-married life together. It is first to recognize that it is to be a union of three, not two. The third party is the one who instituted marriage, Father God. Look into how His blood covenant relationship can transform your life and enhance your marriage.  

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  1. Theresa

    Love this! I did an extensive Bible study in 2017 on how marriage covenant parallels our blood covenant with the Lord. Our home group was amazed at how wedding traditions were created. Knowing this changes everything in our lives!

  2. Selena

    Wonderful Daniel! So glad I get to hear this regularly from you! This is fortifying, foundational truth that is rarely found these days. Thanks for bringing it out with such depth and precision. May you be blessed as you continue!

    I know from personal experience that as the years have gone by, Blake and I have settled in to more of a level of comfort in life and with each other as we realize we are each “not going anywhere”. In other words, we are covenant partners in our marriage for life. What peace that brings!


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