Near-Death Stories and Other Miracles

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Tunnel of Light

Here are a few Near-death stories and other miracles I heard about at the hospital today. I found them interesting and encouraging. When making my rounds this morning as a volunteer hospital Chaplain I only visited about twenty patients. I think it is amazing to hear about several near-death stories and other miracles from so few patient visits. They run the gamut of a wide range of scenarios. Two were miraculous last-minute saves from certain death. Others are what we call near-death stories from people who were clinically dead.

Real experiences or just a lucid dream?

There are some who refuse to give any credence to such experiences even though they are medically inexplicable. The brain can physically keep working for about 30 seconds, but not lucidly for eight minutes. After a lifelong close relationship with our Creator, for me, there can be no doubt. I believe there is a spirit that lives beyond the grave. It will, for better or worse, experience life after death. Not trying to change any minds in a few paragraphs. I just thought you might find these testimonies as interesting, and encouraging, as I did.

It changes you forever

An older man is facing serious surgery tomorrow. He welcomes prayer, and I ask him about his relationship with God. To my surprise, he tears up and says, “Well, I do not spend a lot of time in church, but yes, I do feel this close to him.” He slowly raised two fingers together. He then tells me his near-death story. “In 2014 I had surgery, but something went wrong with an overdose of anesthesia. I was clinically dead for eight minutes. During that time I only remember quiet darkness. I awoke with all my faculties as if nothing happened. It changes you forever, there is a God.”

My mother is waving her hand over me

An older woman tells me she is in the hospital for pneumonia. She is smiling and calm. I say wow, that sounds serious. She says, “Well, I suppose so, but some time back I died from double pneumonia.” She shares a more traditional near-death experience. “I am surprised that everything in my room is yellow. I now see beautiful angels and light. My dear mother is coming towards me (who had passed away). My mom keeps waving her hand over me and smiling. After a short while, mom says I need to go back. I said no, I want to stay, I want to stay. So much love, so much peace, but I did return. After they thought I had died, they moved me to a different kind of room. Everything in that room was yellow.”

Four miracles in one family

An older wife and their daughter are with her husband who is enduring lots of monitors and drip bags. He looks quite peaceful, and he said very little. I think he knows his wife will do all the talking. She explains he is in the hospital because they suspect he has incurable, inoperable cancer in his stomach and liver. His blood pressure and other things need to come down before they can test to confirm.

I say wow, that sounds serious. She says “It is, but we fully expect him to be healed. He was hospitalized last year with Covid for seven months! In the end, they said they did not expect him to live through the night. I insisted on staying with him through the night, and they permitted me to. Instead of dying, he miraculously, fully recovered.

The wife shares her story

She goes on to tell me how and why her faith is in God their healer. “Before all this, I had two separate cancers that weighed over 13 pounds. God told me that he would heal me with surgery, but the doctor must cut me open with a horizontal cut.  The normal protocol for this procedure is with a vertical cut, but I cried and pleaded and told him he must promise to cut me horizontal, not vertical.   After I was sedated, he was about to cut vertically, which medically he still thought was best. He told me later that he felt a power take over and reposition his hand to cut horizontal. When he did, he got access to the one cancer he knew about. But then he saw a differenf, more aggressive, and lethal cancer on her left side. The other cut would not have revealed it.    

The daughter also has a story

After this, the middle-aged daughter had to tell me about her miraculous healing. She says “I was only 21 and foolishly rode on a motorcycle at a very high speed. A car pulled into my lane and I was throne 75 feet onto a chain-link fence. Its jagged top cut into my throat and dirt also entered the wound. I know I would die in minutes. But an off-duty ERT trauma medic saw the accident, immediately stopped, and helped me survive. However, other massive injuries left me in a vegetative state. They said I would not recover. My parents refused that diagnosis. Over the course of a year, my father taught me how to walk, talk, and recover all my health.  

I hope you enjoyed hearing about these near-death stories and other miracles. There is yet another longer story from this family I can share. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to provide a blog to share that and more on this subject. May sharing this encourage you. While bad things happen to good people, all things are possible to them that believe.

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  1. Leland K Meitzler

    Yes, Dan. Miracles do happen. When I was 16, the Austin-Healey Sprite in which I was a passenger flipped at a high speed on a sharp corner. I was thrown a hundred feet or so. I remember nothing from the time the car started to go until I found myself standing in the mill yard, listening to the car sliding down the ditch behind me. I had no impact with the earth. I was just standing there. My buddy, who was driving my car, rode it out, didn’t hit his head on anything, and got a small scratch on his arm. Yes… miracles aren’t just for Bible stories. God still looks after us today. I joke that I’ve worked my guardian angel overtime… I’m a believer. thanks for all you do.


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