How to get divine healing – by infusion

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How to get healing

How to get divine healing. This is one reason for me writing The Mystery of the Blood Covenants. The blood covenant includes healing. The New Testament teaches, and we should know, that it is by faith we are saved. We receive the gift of our forgiveness by faith in His covenant. We also receive the gift of physical deliverance from sickness and disease by faith. First, we must know that healing bodies is part of the covenant promises. This provides a greater and more effective level of faith. Next, I will show a technique I call infusion can be a simple and effective way to focus our faith on how to get divine healing.

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed. (1Peter 2;24 KJV)

And if the Spirit of Him Who raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, [then] He Who raised up Christ Jesus from the dead will also restore to life your mortal (short-lived, perishable) bodies through His Spirit Who dwells in you. (Romans 8:11 AMPC)

Our inheritance in Christ includes divine healing.

Healing is only one of the blessings we can also have. Peace, joy, and inner strength are other gifts. Why do we not always get these things? Because of the same reason many do not get saved, even though Jesus dies for all of the world. All of these come by our faith in His promises. We can use our faith to get divine healing for our own bodies and become a source of health for others.

Our blood covenant reveals how to get divine healing

We enter the Grace Covenant with God, by faith in the blood covenant sacrifice of Jesus. If you accept Jesus as your covenant sacrifice, you are now made righteous. This is to say, by His grace, not our works, we are in right standing with God. We are born again as sons and daughters of God. We have a right and obligation to use faith to receive the other covenant promises He provides for His children. Our Blood Covenant gives us a reason for faith that He will give us divine healing.

How to get divine healing – by infusion

Infusion is a term I coin to explain how to get divine healing and other gifts that come by faith into the believer. Apostle Paul explains:

I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency]. (Philippians 4:13 AMPC).

I am using the word “infuses” as seen in the scripture above. God infuses Paul with inner strength. This opens our thinking to simply take the things of God He promised and infuse them into us. We can make them a part of us. 

Infused tea is brought into a cup of water by contact. Over a short period of time the nature of the tea becomes one with the water, inseparable. It is not the nature of water to be tea. It is only by intimate contact that the water becomes saturated with the tea. We are still human, but with the nature of God becoming one with us, we become inseparable. When we purposely add the gifts of God to us, such as healing, they become a part of us. Our goal is to have the qualities of God present so that we enjoy His fellowship. In addition, others can see Him in and through us. That is His plan. We are His hands and feet, so let’s infuse our mortal bodies with His divine health and healing.

Healing Infusion Exercise

Here is how to get divine healing – by infusion. Use this simple process to get into a place of prayer and focus on Holy Spirit. One of the human’s most powerful tools, a gift of God, is to use your words to change your life. It may take more than one session to overcome a long-standing or serious problem. I am praying with you, and look forward to hearing from you. Please share your testimonies in the comments section.

  • First, Lord, I praise you and love you and I thank you for your love. You are a good God and a good Father. I invite and welcome you, Holy Spirit. You are welcome here.
  • Father God, thank you for restoring abundant life to my mortal body through Your Holy Spirit who dwells in me now.
  • I believe that by the blood of Jesus I am forgiven, and have been given, right-standing with God.
  • As joint-heirs with Jesus Christ, healing is part of my inheritance.
  • Lord, I see in Your Word that it is your will make me well, keep well, and heal others.
  • Holy Spirit, I have faith in your ability to bring divine health and healing to anything I am facing.
  • Every spirit of infirmity of any kind, in mind or body, you must leave now. I command sickness, disease, inflammation, pain, darkness, depression, fear, must leave now, in the name of Jesus.
  • Now I command organs, tissues, nerves, ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles, blood, immune systems, every part of my body, to be healed. Thank you Lord praise you for giving me your gift of healing.
  • Father God, by your Holy Spirit, I also believe and receive inner strength, peace, and joy. You help me maintain my confidence, to see by faith until I see with my eyes. As I keep your word the circumstances surrounding me will change. Symptoms will leave my body and You renew my strength.

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  1. Selena Bridwell

    I love it Daniel! I did it and plan to make time to do this again! Very good application. Thank you for making this so applicable!


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